🎓 Meet yours tutors

Victor Zhou - U1 MATH / EPTS Manager

I'm a U4 Materials Engineering Student with great interest in calculus and ODEs. I know how stressful for first and second year engineering courses, such as with all different profs and different expectations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. I envision that EPTS is an excellent opportunity students could rely on to ease down these transition. I am really enthusiastic in tutoring and I enjoy sharing academic experience to my fellow students. I am currently tutoring U1 MATH this year, so feel free to drop by in our office FDA 6B whenever you have troubles on understanding the course contents or solving your Webwork for MATH 262/263/264! EPTS have all the help you need!

Palmyra Mendoza Carber - U1 MATH

Hello everyone, I am a U3 bioengineering student. I enjoyed the U1 Math courses and I look forward to helping you tackle them! Feel free to come by if you ever need help understanding the content or assignments for Math 262/263/264.

Roey Wine - U0 MATH:

I am a U4 Software Engineer ready to tackle all your Math 133, 140, and 141 problems!

Yuanhui Zhu - U0 MATH

Hello fellow U0 students, I’m a U4 Materials Engineering student. If you need help on U0 MATH courses or just want to chat feel free to pass by!

Lia Bowlin - U0 PHYS

Hi everyone! My name is Lia and I am a U2 in materials engineering. I really love tutoring and helping younger students understand difficult concepts. Come to my office hours if you need help with U0 Physics!

Shuyuan Zhang - BIEN

Hey there! This is Shu Yuan, a U3 Bioengineering Student with a minor in Computer Science. If you have any questions about BIEN 200, BIEN290 or BIEN350, or anything about life in Bioengineering, I'll try my best to help!

Anthony Atie - CHEE

Hey everyone! My name is Anthony Atie and I am tutoring the following CHEE U1 courses this semester: 200 ,231, and 291. I am looking to help individuals who are struggling with content from classes and homework. Come by during my office hours for some free help!

Asya Bobyleva - CIVE

Hi civies❤️! I am a U2 civil engineering student and the tutor for the U1 CIVE courses (205, 290, 206, 207). Don't hesitate to come see me with any questions and it would put a big smile on my face to help!

Adi Orlov - COMP 208

Hi everyone, I am a U2 bioengineering student with past experience in tutoring various subjects. If you have any questions for any material or assignments for COMP, don’t hesitate to stop by!

Rachel Tchinov - ECSE Electrical

Hi, I’m a U3 electrical engineering student, and I look forward to helping you succeed in ECSE 200, 206, 210 and 251!

Alexandre Saroufim - ECSE Software

Hello fellow ECSE students, do you find that you need help in ECSE 205, 222, 223 or 250? I got your back!

Jessie Kurtz - FACC 300

Hey! My name is Jessie and I am a Software Engineering student at McGill. I will be tutoring FACC 300, or Engineering Economy, as I have an interest for Economics. Do not hesitate to come see me during my Office Hours if you are struggling in the course. I am here to help!😊

Louis Kawchuk - MECH

Hey y'all! My name is Louis, and I am a U4 student in Mechanical Engineering. This is my second year with EPTS, and I will be tutoring MECH 210, 220, and 240. I'll be hosting office hours all year to help with these courses, but feel free to drop by anytime if you're struggling in other MECH classes or if you just wanna chat!🙂

Kuba Stanczak - MIME

My name is Kuba and I'm a U2 materials engineering student. You can come to me with any of your MIME problems.

Aldo Abouchedid - PDEs

Hi everyone! I am a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student, and I will be your PDEs tutor for this semester! Drop by my office hours if you have any questions in MATH 271.